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Ice Etiquette 101

  • The rules, etiquette, and expectations for an individual rink must be obeyed and upheld first and foremost. If there are no expectations for an individual rink the rules, etiquette, and expectations listed below should be upheld, generally speaking.

  • Before entering the ice, the skater or the skater’s parent must pay for the session.

  • Video recording of another skater or child is prohibited.

  • The skater in the program whose music is playing has the absolute right-of-way.

  • Skaters in lessons or on the jump harness have the second right-of-way.

  • Stopping or standing is not allowed on the ice, however, skaters and coaches may stop or stand next to the ice rink boards.

  • Audio headphones may not be worn on the ice, however coaches working on choreography may use headphones for that limited purpose.

  • Skaters must wait their turn to have their program played. Programs shall be played according to the order in the music box, however skaters in lessons will have priority placement. Skaters may play their music once per session or until all skaters have played their own music. All programs shall be played from start to finish unless otherwise specified by the coach.

  • Slower skaters should yield to faster, more experienced skaters.

  • Faster, more experienced skaters must watch out for slower, less experienced skaters.

  • Skaters shall not kick, hit, or lay on the ice nor should skaters block for another skater.

  • Skaters shall not say profanity in the ice arena.

  • If an accident does occur, the skater will be kind, compassionate, and apologetic.

  • Skaters shall respect other coaches, parents, officials, and skaters.

  • Skaters shall be accountable for their actions.

  • Skaters will respect the coach and their time and the coach will do the same for the skater.

  • Skaters will not be on electronic devices while on the ice. The only electronic devices used on a session should be for music playing purposes in the music box.

  • Skaters will be 100% focused on every session they skate.

  • Skaters will have fun!

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