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General Expectations for Skaters, Coaches, and Parents

Skater Responsibilities:

  • Adhere to the Ice Etiquette Expectations.

  • Have a good attitude when taking the ice.

  • Bring a copy of each piece of music to the ice.

  • Skaters will be responsible for their actions, reputation, and their own improvement (including communicating with their coach, especially with goals, aspirations, and frustrations).

  • Skaters will be responsible for remembering their choreography. Coaches will do their best at remembering choreography for each student, but they must realize that they are not the only private lesson student with a program.

  • Skaters must be on time for their lessons. If a skater is not on time, they will be bumped out of their lesson slot or given just the remainder of their lesson with full payment responsibilities.

  • Skaters must warm up properly before each ice session.

Parent Responsibilities:

  • Help to get your skater to the rink on time and be ready for a fun a productive time on the ice.

  • Communicate any and all concerns and information with your coach.

  • Follow coach policies and procedures as outlined.

  • Register the skater for the necessary events on time.

  • Emphasize personal improvement and define success as giving maximum effort.

Coach Responsibilities:

  • Help the skater grow on the ice and develop a life-long passion for skating.

  • Respect each skater’s goals and working together with the skater and their parent(s) to support them in their ice skating journey.

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